Project Manager at Image Metrics by day, I make indie games and play music at night. Currently working on Newt One (a musically minded 3D platformer for that harkens back to N64 type platformers) while playing lead guitar in Neptune Recovery, bass in Mr Next, and getting my little project off the ground.


Twitter: @devjana
Email: devjana [at] yahoo


Newt One

[coming soon]
3D platformer, PC/Mac/maybe others...

My Cat was a Jerk Last Night

Infinite Runner, Unity WebPlayer

Panda Match

Memory, Unity WebPlayer

Baby Fart Flyer

Silly arcade, HTML5/Web

Roy G Beats

Musical Action Tower Defense, PC

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Neptune Recovery - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals

Next Show: Cooper Door Santa Ana CA 6/30/2015

Mr. Next - Bass/Backing Vocals

Next Show: State Social House Los Angeles CA 6/19/2015 - my little side project

[coming soon]

The word on the street:
"Jana not only thinks big, but dreams in music… alluring"
Dave Richards, Staff Writer: Times News

"Dev Jana...lays bare the first of an unwieldy assortment of formative influences... He is clearly a capable tunesmith with sturdy pop sensibilities and an apparent reverence for rock history."
Dan Bolles, Music Editor: Seven Days Magazine

"Creatively brilliant and witty composer. He writes songs faster than anyone I know. Master multi-instrumentalist."
Topher “Bloodcharmer” Dunlap, Jazz Saxophonist/Band Leader: Topher Dunlap Jazz Trio/EDM Producer - Minneapolis, MN

"Dev possesses incredible songwriting skills, as well as amazing guitar chops and live performance energy. He is most convincingly, the ‘real deal!’"
Pat Vahey, Guitarist: East Ave - Erie, PA

"When talking about guitarist, Dev Jana should be mentioned in the same breath as John Frusciante and Dave Navarro. If fire had a sound, it would be Jana."
Phil Yates, Band Leader: Phil Yates and the Affiliates - Burlington, VT

"Dev has a fantastic ear for arrangement and chord voicing. Whether he is chording or shredding his solo, the man can wear a multitude of hats in any band. While we were a predominantly funk band, Dev added an element that allowed us to cross over into any genre."
Jason Flinn, Drummer: The Undergroove - Minneapolis, MN

"Dev Jana is a musical powerhouse with the ability to wear any hat in a band well. I love his guitar playing style but was honored to have him as a very tasty drummer & bassist for the best record I've ever been a part of."
April Pak, Vocalist: Dropa - Phoenix AZ

"A musician that listens as well as he plays, Dev really captures the stereo nuances of a sweating percussionist playing the fuck out of a goat’s hoof rattle. Keeps me on my creative toes!"
Brewster Domkowski, Bassist - Sarasota FL