Baby Fart Flyer

Coming soon, Baby Fart Flyer is a browser-based game where you play as a baby that is flying - on fart power. Stay in the air by the raw power of flatulence. Eat burritos to get more fart power. Choose a head and body combo or use a custom head! That's right - use a pic of your baby's head, or your head, or your friend's head... Your cat's head? Your neighbor's head? It's up to you. Just input the URL of the pic and you are all set. Coming to a computer near you this Thanksgiving. This is my first HTML5 canvas game and is a departure from my more "deep" game designs - I'm trying to have some fun with this and it's like "jamming" really. Check back here or follow me on twitter to get updates.


Currently I'm playing lead guitar with LA-based alternative rock band Neptune Recovery. Check us out at our next show on Fri Nov 28th at Taix in Echo Park. It'll be my first gig with the band. Also, as usual, I'm working on some personal music - doing a song-based, up close and personal recording for some friends that I'll be sending out. If it is well received I may try to get something together. We'll see. Hit me up if you'd like a copy. I'm sending out physical CDs, tho - no digital copies with this one.

Panda Match

A simple, but fun card-based memory game, Panda Match was actually something I made for the iPad about two years ago. Between the moves from Sarasota to Minneapolis to Los Angeles, the game's development kinda stalled. I'll get back on it once I wrap up Baby Fart Flyer. More 411 eventually.

Who Am I?

(meant in the more factual sense than an existential exploration)

This is pretty much covered in the other pages and above, but here's the TLDR:
Currently living and loving life in LA, but I'm from Erie, PA which will always be my home town. I've also lived in Boca Raton FL, Minneapolis MN, Phoenix AZ, Burlington VT, Sarasota FL, Minneapolis (again), and finally now to Los Angeles. Playing music and making games everywhere I went. The first song I played with other people was "A Forest" by the Cure when I was 14. I started writing computer games when I was 11 on my family's Apple IIe.

How surprising!

You read all the way down here?

Seriously, I wasn't expecting anyone to check out this part of my web site. Why did you? Why are you so interested in me and/or my website? I wouldn't have read this far and I'm me.. Hit me up on Twitter (@devjana) and say what's up. Let me know you actually read this. I'll probably give you some kinda "no prize" (like Stan Lee used to).

Random Notes

Just some stuff in which I'm interested right now

  • Watchdogs (PS4)

    Been playin' it and diggin it quite a bit
  • Batman: Arkham Knight

    I. CAN'T. WAIT.
  • The Flash on TV

    Makin' it hard for me to enjoy Agents of Shield properly by being immediately prio and so much better.