Baby Fart Flyer

Baby Fart Flyer
"Did you know babies can fart hard enough to fly? Well it is true... when they eat burritos. Stay in the air as long as possible by using your Fart Power to get achievements prizes like Binkys, Blankys, and even a Teddy Bear! Choose from preset heads and bodies or use a custom head from an image URL!"
A fun little HTML5 game I did from a concept by my friend Rob Pak with illustration by me friend Lauren Jadick. Something simple and fun and an opportunity to learn HTML5 Canvas.
Play it now online on for free on


At the moment I'm finishing up a six song demo as I'm gearing up to launch the DEV JANA BLUES BAND. By year's end the demo will be complete, I'll launch a website for the band, start building a band, and start gigging out in the LA area. For more details, check out the music page.
I'm also playing lead guitar and singing backups for Neptune Recovery.

Panda Match

Coming soon, Panda Match is another simple web-based HTML5 game. Just a simple, fun time-limited card matching memory game featuring some really great artwork by my wife.
Wanted to do something fun and kid-friendly. Probably ready for prime time in early 2015. Stay tuned or follow me on twitter for more info.

Who Am I?

(meant in the more factual sense than an existential exploration)

This is pretty much covered in the other pages and above, but here's the TLDR:
Currently living and loving life in LA, but I'm from Erie, PA which will always be my home town. I've also lived in Boca Raton FL, Minneapolis MN, Phoenix AZ, Burlington VT, Sarasota FL, Minneapolis (again), and finally now to Los Angeles. Playing music and making games everywhere I went. The first song I played with other people was "A Forest" by the Cure when I was 14. I started writing computer games when I was 11 on my family's Apple IIe.

How surprising!

You read all the way down here?

Seriously, I wasn't expecting anyone to check out this part of my web site. Why did you? Why are you so interested in me and/or my website? I wouldn't have read this far and I'm me.. Hit me up on Twitter (@devjana) and say what's up. Let me know you actually read this. I'll probably give you some kinda "no prize" (like Stan Lee used to).

Random Notes

Just some stuff in which I'm interested right now

  • Watchdogs (PS4)

    Been playin' it and diggin it quite a bit
  • Batman: Arkham Knight

    I. CAN'T. WAIT.
  • The Flash on TV

    Makin' it hard for me to enjoy Agents of Shield properly by being immediately prio and so much better.