Chewing video

Here it is! The first video from the coming Dead End Alley EP: “Chewing” My first 4K video, Chewing is a bit of what’s to come for the Dead End Alley performance vids with the new intro and outro titles as well as the handwritten lyrics on screen and overall feel of the presentation. I’ll […]

Come and Get It: chorus sing along

So you wanna sing along with the chorus of my song “Come and Get It” for the new Dead End Alley EP… Here’s the process: Get the music file ready to play (can download or stream if you’ve got good internet): Record your part (1-2 people): you’ll need 2 devices – one to play […]

California Dreamin’ (Patreon Exclusive sneak peak)

I wanted to give website visitors a taste of the stuff that’s going on in the Patreon. I post a lot of media for free, mostly on youtube so subscribe there if you haven’t, but that is only about 40-50% of the stuff I’m creating. A lot of stuff like this is exclusive only to […]

Longfall Stream 2/15/2021 (7:00 Central, 8:00 Eastern)

Since we can’t play shows during Covid, Longfall (the band with whom I play guitar here in Minne) is doing a series of prerecorded shows for the cities that shaped us – the “Virtual Stomping Grounds Tour”.  Of course, I chose my hometown of Erie, PA. There are even some new song transitions named after […]

What Smells Like Teen Spirit Taught Me About Guitar

The first in a series, this video explores what I learned from learning one of the most pivotal songs in my life – Smells Like Teen Spirit. We look at the main parts of the song, the techniques used, and ways to apply those techniques. If you are interested in more lesson videos, including a […]