(1st!) Dual Guitar Lesson: Spring is Coming

Spring is Coming

(1st!) Dual Guitar Lesson: Spring is Coming

Here it is! I finally sorted out the format, content, and process of making the types of guitar lessons that aren’t the same stuff that’s out there:

  • useful to beginner and experienced guitarists alike
  • not too long (this one weighs in at about 22 min – so about 2 10 min lessons)
  • uses original music that is designed to teach the techniques (& not sound like crap)
  • focuses on fun
  • displays the tab/charts on screen while playing with overlayed hints

Really excited about these and am planning at least one a month, but let me know what you think. Also, feel free to forward to anyone you know who is learning guitar or are playing and are interested in building their skills.

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Windu is one of my favorites

An ode to one of my favorite Jedis – Mace Windu. If you’ve read the Book Shatterpoint, he’s probably one of your favorites too. This is an early mix of the song Shatterpoint that will be on the upcoming EP of new tunes Dead End Alley.

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Opinion: Nirvana cover/completion

Opinion (Nirvana cover/remake)

I've always loved this track and wish it had been finished. Also, here's my first original thing I've released in forever. Gimme a listen and afollow, if you have a few minutes. I plan on doing more original stuff as time marches on:Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7BDzKsoESUyr9m8iYrRb0uApple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/tinynormous/1519608343

Posted by Tinynormous on Tuesday, June 30, 2020

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Nomothetic: live, Valentine’s Day 2020

Alternative Hip Hop from the brink of the Pandemic

Nomothetic is the Alternative Hip Hop band for whom I play guitar and sing backing vocals. We played this show at Mayslack’s on Valentine’s Day this year. It was was a freakin’ BLAST and was our last befor ethe onset of the Covid-19 pandemic that has closed everything down. Like the Longfall 7th st set, we felt like things were about to open wide up, but here we are… sheltered in place as the Summer shows up.
Basically, this show was one where things were falling in place.